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Using Fishbowl Inventory in a service industry

I love the fact that here at Fishbowl we have multiple employees who run their own businesses on the side. Fishbowl is, after all, still a small business (94 employees), and even though we’ve been in business for over 10 … Continue reading

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You need a Point-of-Sale. You saw that it’s easy to set up. Now you can try it for free.

Recently, I wrote a post about the need for a quality Point-of-Sale system for any company that expects walk-in traffic. I then posted about the effort required to install the Fishbowl Point-of-Sale system (SalesPoint) and showed that, at least for … Continue reading

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Today’s topic: Is Kevin a liar? Or is setting up the Fishbowl Point-of-Sale (SalesPoint) easy?

Last week I posted about a walk-in store or, more accurately, the LACK of one when there should have been one. I had visited a small chocolate factory that didn’t have a Point-of-Sale system and my point was, if you’ve … Continue reading

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You’ve got product. You’ve got a facility. Do you have a walk-in store?

How many of your clients manufacture or wholesale a consumer product of one type or another but don’t bother setting up a decent walk-in store for those who just want to buy direct? Let’s face it, not everyone wants to … Continue reading

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