Shipping just got a whole lot easier in Fishbowl

OK, for those Fishbowl customers who had to set up UPS Worldship in Fishbowl, (that includes almost every Fishbowl customer), THIS is what you had to do:

Open the Control Panel, go to Administrative Tools, click Data Sources (ODBC). Click the System DSN tab.  Click Add. Select the Firebird/Interbase driver. Click Finish. A new Firebird ODBC Setup window will appear. Enter the following information in the appropriate fields. The fields are case-sensitive. Data Source Name (DSN): Fishbowl Driver: IscDbc Database: This is the location of your company’s Fishbowl database. For example, if you installed Fishbowl in the default directory, the path would be: (localhost:C:\Program Files\Fishbowl\database\data\EXAMPLE.FDB). EXAMPLE.FDB would be replaced by the name of your company’s database file. [If you are working from a client, see the client install and setup instructions below.] Client: Fishbowl Install Directory. \odbc\fbclient.dll (this will be appended with either 32 or 64 depending on your Operating System). Database Account: GONE Password: fishing All other fields: No change necessary. After all the fields are properly filled in, click the Test Connection button to ensure you are connected to your database. If the connection does not succeed, go back and check the information fields to ensure they are correct. Click OK to close.

I copied the above VERBATIM from our current User’s Manual and this was just to set up the ODBC Connection that would allow Fishbowl to send data to UPS WorldShip! (If you don’t know what an ODBC Connection is, then you have no hope.)   THEN you had to install and set up the UPS WorldShip integration: 12 steps, (8 steps for FedEx). And once all THAT was done, THEN you had to learn how to use UPS WorldShip!  Brutal.   For the full experience, click here (and I won’t even subject you to the horrors of the Q&A section).

Is it any wonder that maybe some of our customers have wanted an easier way to ship products?  That’s what Sam Balleza and Simon Chulin, two of our developers, are currently working on.  It’s scheduled to be released June 14 and is currently on track to meet that deadline.   Let’s start with the screen capture you see below:

This may not seem like a big deal but that UPS tab you see above, (and the UPS Shipping Codes window you see in the window to the right) are telling you that you will soon be able to create a UPS shipment directly within Fishbowl!  No longer will you have to enter in the Fishbowl Sales Order # by hand into the UPS WorldShip module in order for WorldShip to calculate your shipping cost, (often while the customer is waiting on the phone).  And no longer will you have to use the UPS module to print your shipping label for you.   This will all be done within Fishbowl.

But my favorite new capability is what you see in the screenshot below:

What you see is a new tab within the Sales Order module that will automatically calculate the total shipping cost for a given order. Now, when the customer asks “Well, how much will it cost to send it Next Day Air instead of Ground?” you’ve got every possible shipping method pre-calculated and waiting for you, right in the Sales Order module where it should be.  And if the customer modifies their order, then the shipping costs will be automatically re-calculated based on the new total weight of the items on the order.  No additional numbers for the salesperson to enter or fields to fill in.  Just click “Refresh Rates” and the new rates are calculated.  How cool is that?  As the release date approaches I’ll keep you posted on where we stand.

Till next time!


About Grant Kimball

Grant Kimball is currently serving as vice president, partner relations and is one of the founders of Fishbowl. Grant joined the original Fishbowl team in 2001 and has filled many roles in, or related to, sales. Previous to his current role, he was vice president of sales and marketing. Grant brings 24 years of sales experience to Fishbowl, primarily in technology-related fields. In 2003, Grant helped steer Fishbowl towards integration with QuickBooks, the popular accounting package from Intuit Corporation. Since 2003, Fishbowl has focused on this relationship and is currently the #1-requested add-on software solution for QuickBooks users out of approximately 300 software packages. Besides the relationship with Intuit, Grant is also responsible for developing Fishbowl’s growing resellers program, which he is currently managing, and now accounts for over 20% of Fishbowl’s total sales. Grant earned a Master’s in Computer Integrated Manufacturing from Brigham Young University and a Bachelor’s in Operations Management from Cal Poly, Pomona.
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  1. Lance Brandow says:

    Ahhhhh…. This will be wonderful!

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