Going Mobile with Fishbowl’s Surfboard

I don’t usually start off a blog post with a logo but I think I will today. “Surfboard for Pipeline”:

Doesn’t THAT look cool? But then, you may ask, what is Pipeline??? Well, let me answer that with another logo:

Pipeline, if you don’t know already, is Fishbowl’s first online CRM that integrates with Fishbowl and was released on February 9. Think of this as a beefed up and online version of the contact manager that is already built in to Fishbowl.

So what’s Surfboard? Surfboard is the mobile device app that connects you to Pipeline and will allow you to run various Pipeline features on your iPad or iPhone. It won’t be ready until June but, courtesy of Nathan Peterson in Development, I have a few sneak peaks for you. I won’t show all the screen captures but I’ll give you enough to get a feel for how it will work.

Surfboard Contacts:  Just enter the contact name here and Fishbowl brings the information up.  Any information that was stored prior to your last sync with Pipeline will be updated here.

Contact List:                                                                 Contact Information:

Surfboard will provide the user with all the basic CRM functionality a user would expect on an iPhone.  Contact lists, detail information on each contact, the ability to dial directly from the app and email:

Dialer:                                                                      Emailer:

Finally, Surfboard will sync directly with your copy of Pipeline so that any changes you make in Surfboard are updated directly to Pipeline.   And this is a true sync.  The information goes both ways.  It’s not a simple push of the information from one app to the other.

And that’s it for now.  Next time we will be giving you a quick look at Fishbowl’s new UPS integration feature.

Till next time…


About Grant Kimball

Grant Kimball is currently serving as vice president, partner relations and is one of the founders of Fishbowl. Grant joined the original Fishbowl team in 2001 and has filled many roles in, or related to, sales. Previous to his current role, he was vice president of sales and marketing. Grant brings 24 years of sales experience to Fishbowl, primarily in technology-related fields. In 2003, Grant helped steer Fishbowl towards integration with QuickBooks, the popular accounting package from Intuit Corporation. Since 2003, Fishbowl has focused on this relationship and is currently the #1-requested add-on software solution for QuickBooks users out of approximately 300 software packages. Besides the relationship with Intuit, Grant is also responsible for developing Fishbowl’s growing resellers program, which he is currently managing, and now accounts for over 20% of Fishbowl’s total sales. Grant earned a Master’s in Computer Integrated Manufacturing from Brigham Young University and a Bachelor’s in Operations Management from Cal Poly, Pomona.
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1 Response to Going Mobile with Fishbowl’s Surfboard

  1. Anto says:

    I belief that this new product will do very well. I love the pipeline motive very much, good luck with it. 🙂

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